How we helped Metro Holding's 10th Mile Metro Project to success

Zero to Success: Accelerating Growth with a Rapid Digital Marketing Campaign in Record Time.


Metro Holdings embarked on a mission to propel their newest project, 10th Mile Metro, into the limelight of the real estate market.

With aspirations to boost brand recognition and translate foot traffic into tangible sales, their objective was clear: to create widespread awareness and cultivate a thriving community around their inaugural development endeavor. The overarching aim was not merely to secure sales but to establish a lasting presence in the minds of their target audience, fostering trust and credibility in their brand identity.

However, Metro Holdings faced a formidable challenge: launching a project under a new brand identity without the crutch of prior recognition.

Navigating the landscape of the real estate industry as a newcomer required a strategic approach to penetrate the market effectively. Generating leads and reaching the right audience amidst a sea of established competitors demanded innovative solutions and targeted marketing efforts. The absence of a pre-existing brand reputation underscored the challenge of building trust and capturing attention in a crowded marketplace. Yet, Metro Holdings remained undeterred, seeking a partner who could navigate these hurdles and position 10th Mile Metro as a beacon of promise in the realm of real estate ventures.

Within a span of just three months, Wowelse Brand Studio, in collaboration with Metro Holdings, achieved remarkable results:

50% Unit Sales: Through targeted brand awareness campaigns and strategic marketing efforts, Wowelse helped Metro Holdings sell 50% of the units planned for the first phase of 10th Mile Metro. This achievement surpassed initial expectations and demonstrated the effectiveness of the campaign.

200% ROI: The campaign generated an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 200%, showcasing the success and profitability of the marketing efforts.

3X Increase in Brand Recognition: Wowelse’s branding initiatives resulted in a threefold increase in brand recognition for Metro Holdings and its 10th Mile Metro project. The enhanced visibility contributed significantly to attracting potential buyers and building trust in the brand.

2.5X Increase in Conversion Rate: By implementing targeted marketing strategies and engaging content, Wowelse helped Metro Holdings achieve a 2.5X increase in the conversion rate. This translated into a higher number of walk-ins converting into qualified leads and ultimately driving sales for the project.

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