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How reviews play a crucial role in business?

Internet makes things easy now. Whole world is brought in our hands. We buy products of any brand right from home products to electronic gadgets. Now the question is “How the products are valued now? “. Reviews play a crucial role in influencing the customer decisions. On the other hand, reviews will help to promote their business through strengthening their products quality and credibility.

Customer - Customer Interaction

Statistically speaking,
91% customers trust the reviews before buying their products.
31% customers spend time on reviews and consider it as a personal reference.
70% customers are influenced by the reviews.
92% customers hesitate to buy the products which have no reviews.
Reviews clearly presents the handful experiences of the products from the customer perspective. Reviews gives confidence in buying a product, reduce the doubt and bring new customers. Concluding that positive reviews creates a chain of customers.

Customer - Business Interaction

Customer reviews through several platforms provides an easy opportunity to directly communicate with the customers and build relationships one another. Properly getting with customers gives 23% revenue more in the business. Negative reviews are as important as the positive reviews. A report says that the negative review creates more impact and the commerce sales improves than before as the products get more awareness.

Benefits of Reviews

The reviews have the supreme power in increasing the credibility and raise the lead conversation rates. People who write reviews for products gain nothing. But the people who view those reviews matters. Positive reviews creates a strong impact in their purchasing decisions. Nearly most of customers consider reviews as personal recommendations.

Responding to Negative Reviews

  • 80% of customers believe that the business brand cares about the customers when they respond to the reviews. The negative reviews can seriously impact your business reputation.
  • Actually negative reviews with a proper positive response creates more powerful impact on customers than a positive review. 25% of positive reviews and 38% of negative reviews are used to make product improvisation.
  • Promote the customers to write reviews and it promotes the business to get improved profits. Thus reviews can achieve everything and anything through the power of word of mouth marketing.
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