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Importance of Branding

Branding depicts the strategy and increases the values of the company. It is easier to bring new customers inside and to create a memorable impression to existing customers. It will differentiate from our competitors and make our products unique.

The Essential role of logo in branding

Logo seeks the major attention of customers and it will create a specialised identity for their customers.Normally there are various ways for designing logos. Colours,tones,fonts which we use in logos determine the story of a brand. Simply speaking logos set the customer thoughts towards a brand.

Branding of Myntra

The brand will offer a range of products for both men and women focusing primarily on “fashion”. They have 17 fashion brands.Myntra chosen word mark type for logo branding.Since it is typography based it highlights and focus the name of the company to make the brand familiar

Controversy in Myntra

E-commerce brand Myntra was forced to revise their logo because of the complaint raised from Mumbai based activists.

The complaint is that the logo is” indecent and denigrating to women” . To a normal person the letter ‘M’ looks with shades of red and pink. Looking in a different way, some activist says that it depicts women in a wrong and decent manner. Concluded that logos are key identification for particular brand. Branding in the right way promotes a company to a higher level.

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